MagniShades is Australian owned and operated.  It was started by mother of two, Debbie O who was sitting on the beach with her young daughter reading a book. After being told she looked silly wearing her designer sunglasses over her regular readers, Debbie decided it was time to find a solution to being able to look good reading outside without paying for expensive prescription sunglasses.  

MagniShades sunreaders are a must for anybody who needs glasses to read and enjoys spending time outdoors. Now you can sit by the pool or on the balcony and enjoy reading without switching between sunglasses and readers. Choose from a great range of styles at affordable prices and eliminate the need for expensive prescription sunglasses. 

Due to the popularity of MagniShades we have now introduced our styles as regular sunglasses.  Also released is an exclusive range of readers that will complement your clothing and feel like the perfect accessory.